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June 23, 2008

Compulsory Compassion

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Is compassion really compassion if one is forced to do it?  Liberals want America to be more compassionate by providing all sorts of tax-funded hand-outs (welfare, nationalized healthcare, social security, etc.).  It’s standard practice for liberals to bash conservatives as cold, heartless, mean people who want take everything for themselves and leave nothing for the so-called less fortunate; however, it’s an empty argument.  The issue really isn’t about compassion at all.  It’s about Marxist wealth redistribution laying a pathway to full-on communism (like that’s been real successful).  It is taking by force from the haves and giving by farce to the have-nots.


If person A sees person B in need, and person A decides not help person B, that may be a lack of compassion (of course, there may be other reasons).  However, if person A is forced to help by the government taking what belongs to him by taxing his productivity and giving his money to person B, does this make person A more compassionate?  No.  It just makes him poorer, and may eventually diminish his desire or ability to produce.  Does this demonstrate the government’s compassion?  No.  First, it devalues the virtues of independence, initiative, industry, creativity and thrift, upon which success and prosperity are built.  Second, it penalizes one person in order to help another.  In other words, why is person B worthy of compassion, but not person A?  Does person A have to fend for himself in the cold cruel world simply because he is willing and able to do so, while person B gets a free pass to live off the efforts of others?


I believe in compassion, and I am a compassionate person who has helped many people in need, and will continue to do so.  However, compassion is only compassion when one chooses to give it of his/her own free will.  One may be forced into compliance, but not into compassion.  Real voluntary compassion results in gratification and peace for both the giver and receiver.  Attempts to mandate compassion through taxation and redistribution result in anger and resentment among those who “give,” and dependence and perceived entitlement among those who receive. 


If you feel there is a lack of compassion in society or the world, then do what you can to change it by being personally compassionate and convincing others to join you.  Don’t force others to participate in fake philanthropy by passing laws and raising taxes so that you can feel like you’re making a difference.  




  1. I can’t find any fault in this logic…but what prompted the post?

    Comment by Mark Dillon — July 22, 2008 @ 1:40 am

  2. I know some Christians who feel it is their duty to support socialist legislation as an expression of their faith and the love of God. They don’t seem to realize that, in the long run, socialism harms individuals and nations far more than it helps.

    Comment by Todd Weber — July 22, 2008 @ 3:47 pm

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