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June 27, 2008

America At Risk

The recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the Second Amendment to the Constitution (enumerating the right of citizens to keep and bear arms) is a victory for freedom and the American way of life.  However, it was a close victory – too close.  The fact that the court was split five-to-four on the decision should cause every American citizen to tremble, and wake us up to the overwhelming importance of the next Presidential election.  It is not only the Second Amendment that is at risk, but the entire Constitution. 


There is a strong chance that the next President will likely appoint the next round of Supreme Court justices, as some of the current sitting justices are likely to retire in the next few years.  The two oldest members of the court are John Paul Stevens (88), and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (75).  With the right President, this can be a very good thing.  With the wrong President, it may be disastrous.  If Barak Obama is elected, there is no doubt that he will appoint liberal judges who will treat the Constitution as a “living document” that has no fixed meaning or application; consult international courts and laws for guidance as they adjudicate American law; and continually overstep their strictly judicial responsibilities to legislate from the bench and interfere with the political process.  This may spell the end of America as we know it.


John McCain has promised that, if elected, he would follow President Bush’s model in choosing Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. (L.A. Times, May 19, 2008).  These are justices who, along with Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, are committed to upholding the spirit and principles of the founding fathers.  Such justices are needed on the court to guide our country by the rule of law, rather than by the arbitrary, fluid and subjective pursuit of so-called social justice, as Obama would have it.


As stated by the attorney who defended the Second Amendment before the court, this is not the end of the matter, but merely the end of the beginning.  There will be more lawsuits challenging the Second Amendment and other long-held American rights and liberties, and we must not give up the fight to preserve our way of life.  A vote for John McCain for President is a vote for a conservative Supreme Court and to preserve the American way of life.  God bless America.


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