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October 31, 2008

Obama and Rashid Khalidi

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The L.A. Times is withholding a video tape of a meeting attended by Obama and PLO agent, Rashid Khalidi.  They are within their rights to do whatever they want with the tape; however, it reveals their obvious support for Obama in the election, and their cover-up of this info which could turn many Americans against him.  Everyone knows that if McCain had been at such a meeting, the tape would have been all over the news and McCain would have been crucified a hundred times over.

This is just one more example of Barak Obama’s many ties to extremists, radicals and America-haters.  Please watch this video for more info on Rashid Khalidi: 

Obama is bad for America.  Vote for John McCain.


October 27, 2008

Here’s the Real Barak Obama

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Here, in his own words, Obama states that the U.S. Constitution is a flawed document because it doesn’t give enough power to the government.  In other words, the government is too limited by the Consititution, and he would like to see it changed so that the government can do more to you.  Listen for yourself:

Here, again in his own words, Obama states his desire to redistribute wealth in the U.S., and how it can be achieved.  This is what we can expect, if he is elected.  Listen for yourself:

Obama is bad for America.  Vote for John McCain!

October 24, 2008

Beware Your 401(k)!

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Rush Limbaugh is speaking right now about a congressional committee considering Teresa Ghilarducci’s plan for the government to confiscate private retirement funds and replace them with a tax-funded government-run retirement plan.  I wrote about this in my May 20, 2008 post, “Investment Industry’s Suicidal Self-Interest” (see below). 

You can be sure that if Obama is elected, along with a Democrat Congress, this plan will be pushed through and forced upon American citizens.  I urge you to 1) read my 5/20/08 post below, and 2) Vote for John McCain, and 3) urge your Congressional representatives to reject the Ghilarducci plan.

October 15, 2008

The Reason Behind the Mortgage Crisis

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You must see these shocking and factual videos:



October 10, 2008

The Philosophical Inconsistency of Socialism/Communism

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Socialism/communism originates from secular humanism/atheism.  It is based on the belief that man has evolved through ‘survival of the fittest,’ without creation, direction or help from any outside power or being.  However, in spite of this indesputable fact, proponents of socialism/communism contradict their own philosophy by refusing to let the same process continue in human society and government.  

Ironically, proponents of socialism/communism want government in charge of every aspect of people’s lives.  They want government-run central planning of the economy, healthcare, business, industry, etc, rejecting the ‘survival of the fittest’-nature of free-market capitalism which is dependent upon individual initiative, creativity and determination free of outside interference.  Do you see the contradiction?

This highlights the fact that to socialists/communists, government is god.  Individuals have no intrinsic rights to property or self-determination, because government is better and smarter than its citizens.  This is the basic philosophical base of today’s Democratic Party, and sadly, many Republicans have bought into the lie, as well.  This is contemporary liberalism. 

Why can’t people see this?  Wake up America!  Liberals decry the so-called abuses of power by the government, and foment revolution and “rage against the machine,” and call for “change;” but here’s the kicker: they want to take over government so they can be even more oppressive.  Liberals don’t want to give people more liberty – they want to take away your liberty.  They want to control everything and everyone.  The “change” that Barak Obama and Bill Ayers and ACORN want is to remake the U.S. in the image of Karl Marx’s communist ideal.

The American way of life is under attack, and we must wake up and fight to preserve it.

The Market’s not the Problem, Socialism’s not the Answer

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The media, along with our now openly socialist President, continues to trumpet that “the free market is broken and government has to fix it.”  Don’t believe a word of it, and don’t give up on free market capitalism.  The free market isn’t broken.  The problem is that the market hasn’t been free for many years.  Ever-increasing government interference has so corrupted the market that it fails to work as it should.  

Ridiculous Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac skew the market and interfere with the forces of supply and demand, besides wasting billions of tax dollars.  What is the US Government doing in the housing market, anyway?  What part of the Constitution authorizes Congress to guarantee home mortgages?  It doesn’t.  How can the market function properly when government interferes with the forces of supply and demand by bailing out failing businesses?  

And that’s the problem.  The current financial crisis didn’t begin two weeks or a month or six months ago.  This problem started with Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal which thrust massive socialist government policies and programs upon the American people, and which have continued to snow-ball into the massive avalanche of consequences that now threatens to sweep us all away.  Once people, especially politicians (on both sides of the aisle), got a taste for the free-flowing milk of ever-increasing tax dollars from the bulging breast of big government, we have added program upon program, regulation upon regulation and tax upon tax until our system of government and commerce now has almost no resemblance to its former, purer self.

So when politicians and media pundits proclaim that free market capitalism and American democracy is broken and should be set aside for something better (read: socialism/communism), don’t believe it.  Rather than discard the principles and practices which have resulted in the most successful, free, prosperous and beneficent nation in the history of the world, let’s get back to basics.  Let’s return to foundational principles.  Let’s resurrect the Constitution of the United States of America, and hack away all of the excess, unecessary, expensive, intrusive, overreaching, tax-guzzling and power-grabbing departments, programs, regulations, and bureaucracies of our grotesquely obese government. 

Socialism is NOT the answer to our problems.  Returning to government based on the Constitution is the answer.  Taking personal responsiblity for ourselves, rather than depending on government to solve our problems, clean up our messes and ensure our prosperity, is the answer. 

If socialism is your thing, that’s fine: move to France (at least they have nuclear power).  Leave my country alone!

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