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November 5, 2008

The End of America

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The elections of November, 2008, represent, in my opinion, the end of America: not that the United States will cease to exist, or even that it will fall from preeminence among the nations of the world (in the short term, that is), but rather that it is the end of America as we have known it.  The American nation, as it has existed for the last two-hundred-thirty years, will soon be, and perhaps is already, no more.


This transformation is not a recent phenomenon, but is the culmination of countless changes, small and large, which began most obviously in the early twentieth-century when fascistic and socialistic forces began their subtle yet steady incursion into American government and public life.  Like the proverbial frog-in-the-pot, unsuspecting Americans have been slowly cooking in the ever-increasing heat and pressure of modern liberalism, anesthetized by a growing addiction to careless leisure that is nurtured by Hollywood and Madison Avenue, and by a federal educational system that seems designed to churn out millions of ignorant automatons lacking any sense of pride in their own country or knowledge of it’s true history, or the ability and desire for critical thought and reasoned discourse.


It may be impossible to identify the tipping point, but it is evident that we have already gone over the edge.  The citizens of the United States of America have elected the most liberal, leftist President in its history: a man who has stated publicly that he believes the Constitution, upon which this nation was founded and which he will swear to uphold and defend, is fundamentally flawed; a man who has a long history of willing association with unapologetic terrorists, communists, racists and anti-America activists; a man who is more concerned with our nation’s reputation in the world than with its security and sovereignty.


In addition to this, we have ignored the dismal failure, impotence and negligence of the Democrat-controlled Congress of the last two years, which not only has the lowest public approval rating of any Congress in the history of the nation, but which also is indisputably responsible for the recent sub-prime mortgage fiasco that has devastated the national economy.  What’s worse is that Americans, now drunk on government give-aways and eager for the promise of more, have strengthened Democrat control of both houses of Congress, in conjunction with the election of a far-left Democrat President, so that there is now little, if any, restriction on liberals and their socialist/fascist agenda. 


That anyone as radically leftist as Obama even made it through the political primary, let alone to win the Presidency; or that someone as dishonest and unethical as former comedian Al Franken can be in a close race for the Senate (Minnesota), is clear evidence of America’s philosophical transformation and decline.  


I am deeply grieved at the loss of the fundamental principles of our great and divinely blessed nation, and mourn the likelihood that our greatest days are behind us.  I have no confidence that this condition will be reversed (even if McCain were our next President).  We’ve gone too far.  Sadly, it is probably only a matter of time before our liberty and prosperity and preeminence in the world fade away completely, and America joins the ranks of other once-great nations on history’s list of has-beens.


Todd K. Weber

November 5, 2008



  1. Ha ha. 🙂

    Comment by Ben Hoffman — November 5, 2008 @ 11:18 am

  2. I have been awaiting your response to the outcome of the elections because, somehow, I know you’d help me put my feelings into words. I have been sick to my stomach over the outcome and just really sad. Being a military family, this WILL effect us and not positively. I am terrified of what the next 4 years hold for us.

    Comment by Laura Alpuché — November 6, 2008 @ 9:35 am

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