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November 6, 2008

My Pessimism

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My pessimism about the future of our nation is not about President-elect Obama.  He and his confederates are merely symptoms of the disease.  My concern is about the fundamental change in the ethos of American society.  We have moved from a nation that once cherished and extolled the virtues of independence, self-reliance, personal responsibility, thrift, creativity, ambition, courage and hard work to one in which the majority of people now clamor for someone else to take care of them, pay their bills and solve their problems.  “Oh, how the mighty have fallen.”


Is it possible to turn things around?  Yes, but not likely, especially when one considers the other nations of the world and the paths which their societies have taken.  Americans, mostly purged of the concept of American exceptionalism and brainwashed with socialist ideals by liberal schoolmasters who have virtually taken over the educational system, look across the border and across the seas to nations which provide healthcare, retirement benefits, 30-hour work weeks and 3-month vacations to their citizens, and cry “Why not us, too?”  Our politicians, hungry for the power and prestige of high office and the perks that go with it (fat salaries, free healthcare, and generous pensions – all at tax-payer expense), spend most of their time and energy positioning themselves for re-election, rather than doing the hard work of leading our nation down the path charted by the founding fathers.  It is so much easier to give people what they want than to convince them of what they need.


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  1. if you rob Peter to pay Paul, Paul will always vote for you … and there are always more Pauls … It would be hard to turn this ship around with so many Pauls demanding the left leaning direction.

    Comment by Kevin — November 12, 2008 @ 7:29 pm

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