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November 23, 2008

Government Healthcare – A Bad Idea

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I heard an ABC News piece on Nov. 22 about the possiblity of the British government outlawing happy hour at the nation’s pubs.  This is apparently due to the increase in liver disease among young happy-hour-going British men.  I yelled at the radio, “Why is the government involved, anyway?  If people want to drink themselves to death, it’s their own problem!”  Obstinately, the radio refused to reply. 

Then it occurred to me: the government is involved because the Brits have socialized (government-run) healthcare.  Since the government is on the hook for medical expenses, they have a vested interest in the health of citizens.  In fact, one could say that the British government owns the health, and thus the lives, of its citizens.  Their bodies are not their own.  Whatever may affect a person’s health in any way, be it social, environmental, occupational, recreational, or whatever, is the rightful domain of the government that pays the bill.

This, of course, is of great relevance to Americans, because we have just elected a President and Congress who are zealously intent on establishing a similar healthcare system here in the USofA.  So, here is something to think about.  Do you want the government deciding and mandating what you can and cannot eat or drink?  What if the future government Health Czar one day decides that rock climbing and sky diving and scuba and motocross and skateboarding, etc. are too risky to citizens’ health and therefore should be banned?  How will you feel when they decide that the car you drive, or the home you live in, or the shoes you wear are not safe enough, or contribute too much to the high cost of healthcare, and then outlaw it, or require you to use some other recommended item ‘for the greater good’?  I’m exaggerating, you say?  That would never happen, you say?  I’ll bet the Brits never imagined losing the right to happy hour and a stout Guiness, either.


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