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March 26, 2009

U.S. Government is Out of Control!

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Somehow the madness must stop. Our government has long been acting outside the limits placed upon it by the Constitution in many ways, but in the last three months it has gone completely out of control.  Why isn’t anyone holding the President and Congress accountable?  Why is the press/media, which is supposed to “speak truth to power,” not doing so?  Why are not the Republicans in Congress making a huge issue of this?  Even though they, as the minority party, lack the power to stop the Democrats, they could raise significant and effective opposition, if only they would try.  They need to get their heads out of the sand, stop fussing over details, and attack hard and unceasingly based on fundamental principles. 

Sadly, it seems that most Americans know little, and perhaps care even less, about the Constitution and the form of government it prescribes for this nation. We need to get back to the core principles of limited government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility.

The gross expansion of the size, reach and power of the U.S. government over the American people in recent months is shocking and frightening.  That there is so little substantive opposition to it is even more shocking and frightening.  Someone once said that America is a nation with a government, not a government with a nation (something like that).  Many, especially those in government, seem to have forgotten that.  They believe that government, simply by virtue of its existence, is somehow wiser and better able to run our lives than we ourselves.

Remember that the government has no virtue or ability of its own. It has no inherent goodness or evil, beneficence or malevolence. It is merely an expression and extension of the people who are placed in charge of it, who are an extension and expression of the citizens who elected them.  One who serves as a Senator or Representative or President or Governor is no better, wiser, or more noble, because of their office, than any other citizen.  So the way in which the current administration continually gets a free pass because of their supposed good intentions, without scrutiny of their ideas or the long term effects of those ideas, is both nonsensical and disturbing.  It is as though people are saying, “It doesn’t matter if their policies wreck the nation, because they mean well.”

The government is out of control because we, the people, have let it get out of control.  It’s time to stop the madness and take it back.


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